Around sydney in 50 homes - a series on property

As any person who has travelled out of their home will know; the concept of feeling homesick can occur.  If we travel outside of the town or city where we grow up, with our home and surroundings no longer around us, we can feel nostalgic.  As soon as we get back home we feel a sense of relief and comfort. 

But really... what is it that we are nostalgic and then later relieved about?

What is a home?

Is it...

  • the "home itself"
  • the "town or city"
  • the "community"
  • the "family"
  • the "food"
What makes us feel at home?

If the basic needs for living human beings contains the following: 

  • Air. Oxygen in one of the most essential human needs. ...
  • Alkaline Water. Apart form air, water is the most essential element to life. ...
  • Food. But the body can survive quite a while without food. ...
  • Shelter. ...
  • Sleep.

If you stay in a hotel and you have your basic human needs around you, can you still feel nostalgic?. 

What defines a home as a sense of comfort and relief?

What happens when we live in one of the most expensive cities in the world where our basic needs are compromised? 

Around sydney in 50 homes will look at 50 homes to try and understand:

What makes a home?